Lion’s Mane

Is known as ‘monkey head mushroom’ in Chinese and has been used for centuries; monks have traditionally used this herb to the asset with focus during meditation and for general vigor and strength. It looks like a brain – and that’s what it helps 🙂 Lion’s mane is certainly having its time in the sun for biohacking and nootropic effects. The mushroom is also known for its effects on the central nervous system and is used for treating Qi deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We love it for: Nootropic + neuroprotective properties, add on effects from the neurological support are feeling good with less anxiety and jitters, stimulates nerve growth, anti-bacterial, -candida and-inflammatory, supports stomach health (especially for healing ulcers), fortifies the five organs (spleen liver, lung, heart, kidney), gut nourishing and promotes good digestion and can aid insomnia.

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