It is also known as the ‘mushroom of the sun’ and ‘mushroom of life’. These mushies actually originate in Brazil and they’re huge in Japan. The Japanese recognize them for their potential in fighting cancer and have been researching the A. blazei since the late ’80s after scientists discovered long-living tribes in Brazil (especially the Piedade) consumed the mushies – longevity here we come. Cultivation has only been successful since the 90’s, but with their outstanding levels of beta-glucans, this cultivation will continue to soar.

We love it for: supports the immune system, helps remove toxic cells from the body, anti-candida, -bacterial, -viral and -inflammatory, effective against digestive issues, blood pressure, blood sugar, kidney, liver, libido, anti-stress, anti-cholesterol, mineralization, supports the liver and has shown to have positive effects with hepatitis B.

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